Saturday February 24 , 2018

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Right Fit Profiles provides tools to assess how individuals are prepared, motivated, and engaged in their work.

Learn how Right Fit Profiles can help your organization identify and develop top talent who can drive high performance in leadership, administrative, sales, call center, and many other positions.

Leadership Coaching & Development

Leading Style Guide

  • 52 page feast of insight, analysis and coaching points.
  • Scientifically validated 96 question survey, and normed using current demographics.

Stretching the Leader

Much can be said in defining leadership and in describing the ideal leader. One thing is certain: leaders exercise influence.

Yet, conventional wisdom suggests there is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencing others. Rather, the most effective leaders are those who can identify the approach most needed for a given situation, and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

The best leaders do this so well, others don't even notice how the leader may "stretch" his or her style to exercise the most effective influence. It is this stretching that is at the heart of most leadership development. As leaders develop such skills, it is essential that they recognise motivational tendencies that drive their behaviour as well as the behaviour of those they seek to influence.

This is where personality assessments, such as the Leading Style Report (LSR), take centre stage.

A Developmental Roadmap

Whether in coaching the most senior executives or in identifying emerging leaders, organisational development professionals know the value of personality assessment. According to Tony Stoltzfus, author of Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills, personality assessments are among the most powerful and well-accepted tool for encouraging self-discovery.

So well-accepted in fact, that research published in Psychology Today found more than 75% of Fortune 500 organisations use personality assessment in coaching, development and team-building. Why do so many organisations rely on personality assessment as part of their professional development efforts?

Quite simply, using an assessment provides a much needed roadmap, allowing the individual to recognise and address specific development needs. So important is an objective and reliable assessment of personality, that leadership coaches such as Wendy Rothman, of NY-based Wenroth Group, suggest such assessments can serve as the "absolute foundation" of coaching and development. Without such a foundation, leadership development may amount to planning a road trip without consulting a map.

Once survey is completed, you will be provided with your Personal Style Report, as well as an interpretation of your individual results.

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