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Right Fit Profiles provides tools to assess how individuals are prepared, motivated, and engaged in their work.

Learn how Right Fit Profiles can help your organization identify and develop top talent who can drive high performance in leadership, administrative, sales, call center, and many other positions.

Personal Interview Coach Report

Personal Interview Coach (PIC)

  • 8 pages of insight, analysis and interview coaching points.
  • Scientifically validated 96 question survey, and normed using current demographics.
  • The Personal Interview Coach (PIC) is designed for anyone desiring to improve their interviewing techniques.

Is your personal "style" the right fit?

The Right "Style" For The Job

By the time you arrive for an interview, your potential employer is probably familiar with most of your qualifications – such as your educational background, professional training and work experience. This information is usually in your job application or resumé.

So why interview? One important reason is that the interviewer wants to know if your personal style will be a good fit for the position and for the company. Your style can affect the way you approach tasks as well as the way in which you approach others, both of which are important parts of nearly every job. Experience shows that people with certain personal styles tend to perform better, have greater satisfaction and stay longer in pref erred work environments. Therefore, understanding your personal style and knowing how to present yourself will give you an edge in the interviewing process.

Understanding your personal style to prepare for interviews is not an attempt to appear to be somebody that you are not. Rather, knowing yourself better will allow you to present your strengths with confidence and relate them directly to the position you are seeking. You will also be better prepared to ask the right questions to discover the personal style a manager is looking for – and explain why you are the best fit for the job!

Remember – We should never allow ourselves to be limited by the preconceived notions of others.

What Comes Next?

The personal interview coach is based on the LDP assessment; a scientifically validated personality profile used by corporations and government agencies for selection, coaching, team building and leadership development.

The LDP measures ten dimensions of traits and personality. This report describes the four most dominant dimensions of your personal style as determined by your responses to the LDP Assessment.

The report includes:

  • Overview of four of your dominant personality styles.
  • Insight into how dominant styles may impact your approach to work and relationships.
  • Elements of the work environment that may be most satisfactory for an individual with specific work styles.
  • Factors to consider when interviewing f or a position based on your styles.
  • Practice questions that may cause you to stretch a little in light of your styles.
  • The last page is a useful list of interview tips.

Once survey is completed, you will be provided with your Personal Style Report, as well as an interpretation of your individual results.

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