Saturday February 24 , 2018

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Right Fit Profiles provides tools to assess how individuals are prepared, motivated, and engaged in their work.

Learn how Right Fit Profiles can help your organization identify and develop top talent who can drive high performance in leadership, administrative, sales, call center, and many other positions.

Recruitment & Selection Tools

In the global economy, the war for talent has never been more intense. Today’s employers face increasing competition for the best workers, even as lackluster economic conditions have increased the labor supply. In fact, for every job opening, an employer can be inundated with applicants, especially when using online job postings.

According to a recent MSNBC story, employers may see as many as 100 times more applicants from an online posting than they would have expected in the days of the printed “classified ads”. With a deep talent pool of well-qualified workers, one might think hiring decisions would be easier than ever. Still, for the average employer, the hiring process can be arduous at best, and choosing the right new hire can be one of the most difficult decisions a manager or business owner will face.

The stakes have never been higher.

Avoiding a Costly Hiring Mistake

So just how high are the stakes? Employers large and small, for-profit and non-profit, know the pain of making a bad hire. Whether they stay on the job for a month or a year, an employee with poor job-fit not only tends to under perform, but they can also bring down the performance of coworkers – this is the compounding effect of a hiring mistake. On the other extreme, an employee with high job-fit can provide a substantial and lasting return on investment (ROI).

For a growing number of employers, personality assessments are the key to evaluating job-fit, while gaining competitive advantage in the hiring process. Already used by Fortune 500 companies for decades, Inc. Magazine reports that personality assessments can be particularly beneficial for smaller employers as well, “where the impact of hiring the wrong worker has a disproportionate effect” on organisational performance.

The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP)

The same technological advancements that have increased the quantity of applicants for every opening can now be leveraged to increase the quality of the ultimate hire. The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP) is a comprehensive personality inventory, delivered online with results provided instantly to the employer via email or through a secure online portal.

The LDP provides employer-friendly reports which reveal the applicant’s primary work style, as well as ten dimensions of potential compatibility for a given position. The LDP indicates the applicant’s overall personality profile using a four-style grid, which reveals how they may approach everyday activities such as: teamwork, selling, servicing, learning, handling conflict, and even managing others. Together, the LDP’s overview and expanded reports provide the employer with valuable insight to support an effective hiring decision.

Once survey is completed, you will be provided with your Personal Style Report, as well as an interpretation of your individual results.

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